We’ve reinvented the marketing wheel.

Copper Creek Media started as a simple print and design house back in 2004. Our first client and project? Business cards, for the founder’s father’s music store…made in Microsoft Publisher 2000 and printed on an HP Deskjet 720C.

Much has changed over the last 13 years, and for that, we’re grateful. (Especially not making business cards in Publisher 2000 anymore.) Our company has evolved and spread across numerous physical goods and digital divides. And in 2017, we’re launching new initiatives to better align core aspects of our business with those of yours.

Build Your Presence

With numerous live projects, local and national awards & recognition, and hundreds of thousands of project page views, Copper Creek Media is the St. Louis Metro East small business go-to for all marketing needs: web; print; graphics; mobile. You. Us. Awesome.

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Award Winning Work

Our creative team has earned local and national awards and recognition for advertising, website design, writing, and more.

Beautifully Crafted Creative

Every element from Copper Creek Media is designed to be pixel-perfect for all form factors, from digital items to physical goods.

Technological Consultancy

If you’re looking to upgrade your small business server, get a new home PC, or even contemplating the pros and cons of a new smart phone or mobile device, our consultancy team is on your side. Fast, friendly, and efficient.

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Marketing Made Easy

Your business is unique. Let us learn the ropes of your work, and we’ll be sure to rope in new clients with ours.

Digital Device Help

No matter the device (or dilemma) we’ve got the skills. And we don’t just work for you; we work with you.

Full-Spectrum Support & Service

Our friendly support and affordable service maximize your computer’s efficiency and usable life. We offer general tuneups, home & business installations, data backup and restoration services, virus/malware removal, and more. Services start as low as $19.

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Wallet Friendly ROI

What’s wallet friendly, gives a generous return on your investments, and comes with a lifetime business partnership? (Hint: it’s us!)

Always At Your Service

Corporate cubicle or home office? No matter where business takes you, we’ll be there – remotely, or in person.

Proudly serving America’s Heartland since 2004, with these trusted partners.